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god damn   
03:39pm 29/05/2007

i def. just noticed that i had a typo in my last post.

yeah. livejournal isnt the same, now that theyre is myspace.

half of my friends deleted me.


awesome, sike.


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09:23pm 04/12/2005
  im updating because david told me too.  

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ok yeah.   
11:32am 22/02/2005
mood: determined
i deleted my journal but brought it back to life.

im starting to love love love iu. frank and libby are my bestest friends ever. they make me so happy.

they gave me a cannister thing full of prizes! vegan cookies, a mix cd, orange juice, and the most beautiful card with the most beautiful words and the most beautiful animation. i love them <3

i got my tattoos worked on, heres a little sample...

not a great picture but you can see its purrrrty. DUH

pacific sunwear is a good job. my manager is mega hott. i want to makeout with him.

well i have lots of homework. hope everyone had a good weekend.

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05:24pm 28/01/2005

6pm @ Keswick.

If you need more info just let me know.

If you want to support your scene, then come to this show.


If you care about unity and hardcore, read this.

You may have heard about the Syracuse benefit show for adele in which Path Of Resistance, Bane, and others played to raise money for adele. For whatever reasons that show did not raise a sizable amount of money (less than 1000 after expenses). Adele still needs to raise a considerable amount of money for specialized treatment in order to get a handle on, cure, or alieviate her condition. Please read the following info and consider donating any amount possible, however small, to help a good person and potentially save her life.

Adele Collins has been diagnosed with what is called a Pseudotumor Cerebri. This is a condition caused by the body producing too much spinal fluid, which then creates extreme pressure on the brain, replicating the symptoms of having an actual brain tumor (extreme amounts of nausea and vomiting, dangerously elevated blood pressure, threat of damage to the eyes as a result of vomiting, chronic migraine headaches, etc.). This is a rare condition that is generally seen only in young women, and Adeles case is more sever than many.

In the past year Adele has been hospitalized for upwards of 100 days, and had about 60 Emergency Room visits. She has also had to endure 10 dangerous spinal tap procedures in the last four months to relieve the pressure on her brain. Unfortunately her condition cannot be treated in the ER, but it has become the only way she can be admitted to hospitals, as many of the hospitals in her area have turned her down when needing medical care, either because they are unable to provide the care she needs or because she is already behind on bills she owes.

Due to this condition Adele is unable to work, and though she still receives a small amount of disability pay (about $600 a month) she and her family are in desperate need of financial assistance to continue her treatment. Currently her health insurance bills alone are in excess of $1100 a month, not including out of pocket prescription costs of $300-$400 a month. In addition her insurance provider is doing their best to drop her coverage (since they are no longer profiting from their coverage) and have now said that if she is one day late on her monthly payment that her policy will be dropped.

Adele has obtained a neurologist that she is working with in an attempt to cure or at least get a handle on her condition, and has been to the Cleveland Clinic for testing and treatment. Unfortunately she is currently in desperate need, and if she becomes unable to continue to pay her medical insurance and therefore see the specialists, she is in danger of losing her eyesight, of incurring irreversible brain damage, or of death from this condition if left untreated.

When she developed the condition Adele was employed as a teacher for children with special needs. This was one of her passions outside of the hardcore scene. She dedicated her career to helping children with physical and learning disabilities. She is someone who wants to make a difference in the world, and wishes to get back to teaching and helping "her kids" as soon as possible.

Adele has given a lot to the hardcore scene over the years, from publishing I Stand Alone zine (with her own money, and in the hopes of breaking even, not to make money) to releasing records for friends bands to booking countless shows for touring bands in Louisville. She often went out of her way to welcome and encourage new people in the scene. She didnt do any of this with the idea of getting something back out of it, only because she loved the hardcore scene and the potential it had. Now the scene has the opportunity to help her out and to give something back to someone who is in dire need of our assistance. Any donations to help her out would be greatly appreciated. This is a case where you can do something tangible that will have a direct effect upon the life of someone in need. Thanks to all those who have donated thier time and/ or money to help out, and thanks to everyone who does the same in the future.

To contact Adele or send Donations through paypal: PosiKid98@hotmail.com To write Adele or mail donations: Adele Collins P.O. Box 321 Buckner, KY 40010

If you are in a band or run a record label and would like to play a benefit for adele or could donate merch for adele to sell through her I STAND ALONE distro e-mail adele at PosiKid98@hotmail.com and i will deal with the shipping/booking or other details. Thanks in advance for anyone who donates thier time or money to helping Adele. She really needs and appreciates the support.

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09:02am 20/01/2005
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take that. my stats are way better than yours.

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.frustration never felt so fucking good.   
09:37am 19/01/2005
mood: sad

um. last night, i cut and dyed my hair.  first, i was just going to dye it, but then it pissed me off, so i cut it off. fucking asshole piece of shit hair. heres the damage, notice how the red is IN ONE FUCKING SPOT. it wasnt like that when i was doing it i promise.

its amazing how ridiculous i look. bahaha

i went to the store today and bought baby food. thankfully, its vegan. muahaha. tastes good too, hoe.

some girl just moved into the room next to me, apparently she thinks its cool to play music extremely loud late at night, and early in the morning. dumb bia.

veronica is my bff.  we may be getting an apartment next semester.  id love to live with her, because i can actually stand her.  jeffrey is thinking of moving with me next semester as well, i guess we will see how that goes.


on a more serious note, my grandmother died last night.  i guess shes better off, because for the past few months, especially 2 weeks, she has been in a lot of pain.  but i miss her dearly, and will be reading a poem at her funeral.  i love and miss you already ma.<3



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01:00am 14/01/2005
mood: creative
ive been thinking alot.. and being vegetarian just isnt good enough. im going to start taking steps toward becoming vegan. yeah, i said STEPS, so no, im not yet vegan. its going to be hard for me, but i will fucking make it there. watch your back bitches.

now, add my dog on MYSPACE before i murder you.


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08:33am 12/01/2005
mood: satisfied
i couldnt be happier with my school schedule.

my psych 329 professor is so fucking awesome. i <3 him. im going to love love love(!) that class.
i only go to school monday through thursday. which is AWESOME. maybe ill get to see more of me baby<3
my bio professor is awesome too. yayyyyy for an amazing schedule this semester.

my hands have been shaky all day. i think my bloodsugar is fucked up :/ i hate when this happens. ughhh

i get to go home in 2 days! yesssssss. someone is coming to see me. dur

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11:51pm 10/01/2005
  fucking add me on myspace you aholes.


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11:38am 02/01/2005
mood: happy
hey bitches.

my jeffrey got here yesterday. i missed him :(
hes out getting us food right now. yayyy
we are staying at my parents. they absolutely adore him. i dont blame them really ;)
he woke me up with kissies this morning. it was early, like 9:30. i dont even think he remembers. silly boy..we somehow managed to break my bed. i fixed it, dont you guys worry
we have been having a lot of fun. going out and going to movies and stayin in and cuddling and watching movies.

uh no.

hes back.byyyyyyyyye

PS>>>I GOT A NEW CAR!!! yayyyyyyyyyy for me. its a 94 acura integra. its perfect. i adore. its a 5 spd and its red and has nice wheels and a great interior and its what ive wanted for a long time. PEACE

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12:14am 27/12/2004
mood: douche
people are starting to piss me off. seriously.

its not just one, its many. and i doubt this is "PMS" girly shit talking. im tired of people being so lame and fake and...yeah

i am the most real person i know. and i can honestly say that. i am the same fucking person i have always been. i am the same everyday. i treat all of you the same, every fucking day. why cant i get that shit in return? if youre a fucking douche, be a douche from the beginning. dont go all changing on me and shit. i want to know the real you people. im not down for this fake people shit.

yeah, im pissed. whatev

maybe i should start treating all of you the way you seem to want to fucking treat me. im sick of this. all of this.

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and if a nigga get a attitude, pop it like its hot   
03:27am 25/12/2004
mood: disappointed
.go vegetarian.

its christymas. i hope everyone is having a lovely holiday.
i love napoleon dynamite. its officially MY favorite movie. we watched it like 6 times in two days. we rule.

im happy to be home.

i miss hanging out with friends. where have all my friends gone.

i miss you.

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07:16pm 21/12/2004
  can i ride the black widow?
can i ride the black widow?
can i ride the black widow?
can i ride the black widow?
can i ride the black widow?
can i ride the black widow?
can i ride the black widow?

i love jeffrey, blah blah, hes really hot, blah blah blah, i touched his bottom, la la la, im in tennessee, blah blah blah, im fucking hott,bye

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11:57am 15/12/2004

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10:59pm 14/12/2004
mood: loved
i have one final left, and its tomorrow at 10:15. I cannot wait to get the fuck away from here for a while.

it snowed yesterday. i liked it. today, its just cold.

i have lost my license.

i bought some cute ass pants from american eagle.

i want to bang your mom.

i am way in love with pugs, oh how i will get one soon.
jeff is getting his own, because he wants a black one, and it has to be a girl.
mines gonna be cuter, cause it will be brown, and be a big tuff boy doggie. hah

im leaving for tennessee. and ill be there for a while.
oh and a huge minus for the kids in my sculpting class making fun of the way i talk today.
i will mos def beat some ass.

i miss my brother.

dawsons creek is way overrated.

snoop dog isnt.

smoking pot is kinda gross. and when i say kinda, im pretty sure i mean its really gross. theres someone on the 2nd floor here who always smokes in his room, and makes the staircase smell like fucking shit. dumbass.

im glad scott peterson got the death penalty, i dont care what anyone says.

***im going snowboarding next week with my jeffrey. and you arent

liestoldnsilence (5:15:34 PM): you tell him that your boyfriend is going to come up there and rip there legs off and stab them in the face with the jagged bones that are sticking out then set them on fire
christyxlynn (5:15:44 PM): hahahahaha
christyxlynn (5:15:49 PM): im posting that on my lj cause i can
liestoldnsilence (5:15:55 PM): good
liestoldnsilence (5:15:58 PM): then all will know
liestoldnsilence (5:16:01 PM): what the price is
liestoldnsilence (5:16:08 PM): for speaking to my love

awe. hes cute when hes mad.

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06:19am 07/12/2004
mood: curious

so. im updating. wtf mate.

jeff came here this weekend. we had fun.  he says he "got a visit from the emo fairy" hahaha. he looks uber emo. i dyed and cut his hair.

he took me to get my septum pierced. my eyes watered way more this time.

pictures like fucking whoaCollapse )


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06:47pm 26/11/2004
mood: accomplished
ok so..
i just went back and deleted/made a bunch of my posts friends only. but it was taking way too long. ill finish it later.

im making most of this journal friends only.. because some people seem to think i write things in here to hurt other people or something but, its not like that. i promise.

so, the good stuff, will be only for my friends.

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listen with your heart.   
10:36pm 25/11/2004
mood: tired
so i got back from tennessee today. i had fun with my honey. his house is beautiful, as well as my jeffy.

i got to rest my little head on his pillows, and sleep in while he went to work. i woke up to his kissies. i think.. hah
his mom is so pretty. and so nice. she gave me a hug when i left <3

he took me to the olive garden. mmmmhmm. my most favoritest place EVAR.

thanksgiving was fun. i feel bad for the turkies :(

i seriously am thankful for my wonderful family, beautiful friends, and loving boyfriend. i couldnt ask for anything better.

happy thanksgiving everyone.

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11:14am 17/11/2004
mood: my belly hurts :(
liestoldnsilence: im wearing my fish house slippers and plaid pajama pants, i look cute

thats my bebe. sheez.

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fuck the POlice. niggah.   
05:50am 16/11/2004
mood: cranky
so i realized something today...

ive had a fucking outline for a chest piece for like.. 2 years. i need to get some work done on this piece of crap. originally i didnt want any color.. but now i want some color. and i want to add some shit to it.. yeahhhhhhhhhh but too bad im poor and.. it wont happen for a while.

also, my fucking nose stud thingie fell out while i was sleeping. piece of shit. im getting my septum pierced like whoa. when i get money of course.

ps my boyfriend is rad.

my daddys birfday is friday. yay for him. crizzles birfday is thursday. EVEN THOUGH I HAVENT TALKED TO HER IN LIKE FOREVER yeahkthnx.

im pissed off.
today needs to be friday.
i need my cuddles and kissies. DUHbitch.

ps. ol' dirty bastard is dead. yes its true, and tragic. but i was telling frankie.. and hahahaha.. he says..

paco dice que: guess he's ol' dead bastard now!


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